Made in Bangladesh?

7 April, 2018 Samsung

It doesn't matter even if it's an Apple iPhone, but we are all used to seeing the famous "Made in China" or "Assembled in China" line printed behind most smartphones, but that could very well change soon. Apparently, Samsung is going to start assembling smartphones in Bangladesh from May. What this means for Bangladesh is that the price of models assembled by Samsung locally will come down in the country significantly. However, this will only apply to low-range or mid-range models for now, because the flagships and high-end smartphones are not ready to be assembled there yet. It may happen after a few months, but not as of now. This will significantly decrease the taxes (29.5%) which Samsung has to pay for importing their devices into Bangladesh.

Samsung has partnered up with Fair Electronics Ltd for the deal and the newly built manufacturing plant in Narsingdi (which is a huge 58,000 square-feet facility) is expected to churn out hundreds of thousands of 4G devices every month by June. While the concept of local manufacturing is not new for Samsung, this is the first time they have started doing it in Bangladesh.

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