Meet the Exynos Interface U100, Samsung's Most memorable UWB Chipset

21 March, 2023 Samsung

Meet the Exynos Interface U100, Samsung's Most memorable UWB Chipset


Samsung today declared another expansion to its Exynos group of items with the Exynos Associate U100, the organization's first super wideband (UWB) chip. The chipset is planned for use in a few key fields including versatile correspondences equipment, car, and IoT tech too.


Samsung says that the U100 incorporates running and situating highlights close by security which can be utilized for many applications. UWB is a short-range remote correspondence innovation that considers low-power information moves utilizing a wide recurrence range.


The organization asserts that the Associate U100 can give an exactness of single-digit centimeters and under five degrees, which will make it ideal for GPS advancements and even VR encounters, where it is crucial for track of moment developments. The new chipset likewise includes radio recurrence (RF), baseband, implanted Streak (eFlash) memory and power the board IP into a solitary chip. It likewise accompanies a power-saving element that makes it ideal for gadgets with restricted power limits - think savvy labels and other comparative remote equipment.


Notwithstanding the new chip send off, Samsung likewise uncovered its "Exynos Interface" brand, which will be utilized for short-range remote correspondence arrangements including Bluetooth and WiFi items.


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