Microsoft Edition Galaxy S8 Goes on Sale

14 November, 2017 Samsung

It's no secret that the two giants had been in collaboration for the last year or so and we also knew that the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition was coming, but now it's finally here. The smartphone is available from Microsoft's own online store in the US if you are interested in buying it. In case you are wondering, yes, the Microsoft Edition Galaxy S8+ is also available for purchase at the store. As of now the Galaxy S8 is priced at $724.99, while the S8+ is priced at $824.99 at the MS Store with special offers for Black Friday.

In terms of hardware, there's nothing new here because they are identical to any other US version of the two handsets. The main difference is in the incorporation of Cortana, Microsoft's own digital AI assistant, which is probably a bit awkward for Bixby now... Aside from that, the Microsoft Edition includes a number of the PC giant's applications, including Microsoft Launcher for easily accessing various file types and documents.

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