Multitasking improves from last year on the Samsung Galaxy S7

26 February, 2016 Samsung

The S6 was launched in 2015 and it was considered by many to be the smartphone of that year. Even after that, it was far from being perfect as the S6 suffered from a number of noticeable flaws. One of those flaws was forceful memory management which made multitasking on the S6 not as good as it should be with a device that's sporting 3GB of RAM and top of the line hardware. At first it was thought to be an embedded flaw of Android 5.0 Lollipop itself, but it was soon proved to be a "feature" found in TouchWiz. This feature was originally designed to provide users with the smoothest experience possible, but it killed background operations faster than it should and even when not needed.

The Galaxy S7 however, is handling multitasking much better than its predecessor. As seen in a YouTube video by Erica, it can juggle between at least eight applications that are running simultaneously in the background. Things got a little tense when Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft was launched. By tense, we mean that after opening the game, Chrome browser had to reload the last visited page even though it was already open and running in the background. This is actually a good thing in our opinion as this will only ensure that the user's gaming experience is always smooth. It looks like the RAM management system is finally working better compared to last year, although there might still be room for improvement over time through patches and updates.


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