Nothing is in no rush to launch its phones in the US

14 March, 2024 Other

Nothing is in no rush to launch its phones in the US


Nothing announced its brand new budget handset, the Nothing Phone (2a), last week. Unlike the Nothing Phone (2), the (2a) is not widely-available in the US. If customers want to get their hands on it, they'll have to sign up as a developer in order to do so. But why is Nothing seemingly avoiding the US market?


Speaking to Harish Jonnalagadda of Android Central, Nothing co-founder Akis Evangelidis basically told the publication that the company doesn't think it's the right time yet. According to Evangelidis, it seems that he feels that the company is still quite young and they need to be "strategic about our efforts".


He acknowledges that some level of presence in the US is necessary, it isn't the right time to go all-in. The Nothing Phone (1) also largely skipped the US market. It was available to purchase as a "beta" device instead of a mainstream gadget. The Nothing Phone (2) is still the only phone to be commercially available stateside, so it was surprising that Nothing decided that the Nothing Phone (2a) would kind of skip the US market again.


We're not sure when Nothing will go all-in in the US market. Maybe that will happen with the Nothing Phone (3) which should be launching later this year, but we'll have to wait and see.


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