Nothing reveals the products to be announced on April 18

7 April, 2024 Other

Nothing reveals the products to be announced on April 18


Nothing teased earlier this week a new product announcement scheduled to take place on April 18. Although we didn't expect the company to unveil what will be announced until closer to the actual reveal date, Nothing thought it would be better this way.


Over the weekend, Nothing has taken to Twitter to confirm that two pairs of earbuds will be introduced on April 18: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a). That means that we won't be seeing any new phones during the event, unless Nothing pulls a "one more thing" moment.


2024 is the year we're unveiling the ultimate iteration of Nothing Audio with two new products that reflect the culmination of three years of design and innovation. What we envisioned from the start - premium for everyone that isn't about market price, but user preference.


The launch of these two upcoming products marks an important milestone for Nothing, as the company decided to reset its naming strategy. Basically, Nothing has dropped the numbers from the names of its products "to center the focus around the product and the unique experience it delivers for each user."


It's one way to simplify a portfolio that expands every year with dozens of new products. Time will tell whether or not Nothing's new naming strategy will have a positive effect on the brand.


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