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PayPal launches Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Payments [Video]

12 April, 2014 Galaxy S7

Paypal S5

Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor, if you looked at the specifications you'll that its "Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified)". Today, PayPal announced that fingerprint-based payments using the Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner are Now Available in 25 countries.


S5 PayPal


PayPal's system works by letting S5 owners log-in and authorize payments with a swipe over the smartphone's home button (Watch video Demo below). No password entry fields, no dotted-out passwords, and hopefully, no worries are to be found from now on. As PayPal has always been heavily scrutinized for its security practices, the company is enthusiastically communicates the system's robustness. 


"Customers can use their finger to pay with PayPal from their new Samsung Galaxy S5 because the FIDO Ready software on the device securely communicates between the fingerprint sensor on their device and PayPal's service in the cloud. The only information the device shares with PayPal is a unique encrypted key that allows PayPal to verify the identity of the customer without having to store any biometric information on PayPal's servers." - John Lunn, Chief of PayPal X UK.





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