Qualcomm thinks Arm-powered Windows PCs could dominate the market

5 June, 2024 Qualcomm

Qualcomm thinks Arm-powered Windows PCs could dominate the market


Following the launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chipset last year, we're starting to see a wave of Windows PCs launching this year that are taking advantage of the new chipset. The question is, will it take? According to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, he believes that Arm Windows PCs could dominate the market.


During a Q&A session held at Computex 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, he was asked by Paul Alcorn over at Tom's Hardware what he thought about Arm CEO Rene Haas's recent statement. For context, Haas was recently quoted as saying that he expects Arm's chipsets to command a whopping 50% of the Windows PC market in the next five years.


According to Amon, he seems to believe that is realistic. In fact, Amon is not alone. It appears that quite a number of PC makers expect that Arm-powered Windows PCs will account for 40-60% of their total sales within the next few years. That's quite a lot, to be honest, and Intel should definitely be worried.


Intel's x86 chips have been more or less the standard when it comes to PCs over the past few decades. But thanks to Apple Silicon, Apple has proven that you can make a very powerful computer that offers some insane battery life. Intel has kind of responded to that with their latest Lunar Lake chip, a new chip design that features built-in RAM.


Qualcomm is also no stranger to attempting Arm-powered Windows computers, but their earlier efforts didn't really take off in a big way. The Snapdragon X Elite is their latest attempt.


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