Samsung Galaxy S24 could get an crazy new invigorate rate

30 March, 2023 Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S24 could get an crazy new invigorate rate


Nowadays, we're seeing more smartphone organizations enhance the invigorate paces of their showcases. Gone are the days where 60Hz was the business standard. These days we're taking a gander at phones that have a base invigorate pace of 90Hz.


With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung gave the phones a 120Hz invigorate rate, however that could change soon. As per a selective report from Sam Darling, they are guaranteeing that for the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung could really be intending to knock the revive rate up to 144Hz.


No different subtleties are accessible and it is hazy if the new invigorate rate may be accessible for the Ultra rendition of the Galaxy S24, or on the other hand on the off chance that it will be accessible across the setup. Commonly, organizations like to hold fresher equipment highlights for its better quality models before in the long run getting it to the whole reach later models, so it is conceivable that this could be the situation, however that is only our hypothesis.


As far as contrast, we don't know whether one can differentiate between a 120Hz invigorate rate or a 144Hz revive rate, yet in the event that it implies a smoother looking over show, all of us are for it. Until we get more data, do think about it while considering other factors for the time being, particularly since we're still all in all far off from the Galaxy S24 series launching.


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