Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy X: Bio-Blue Display and 4K?

30 August, 2016 Samsung

It is time for your daily dose of rumors and very few smartphones generate as much hype as the ones that surround the upcoming Samsung Flagship smartphones. Today however, we also have some news about the Galaxy X in addition to the Galaxy S8. To start with, it is very likely that the S8 will have a 4K display as Samsung seems to be in a habit of hiking up the resolution every third year and the QHD resolution has already seen two generations. A 4K display is on the cards also because it would definitely help with the VR content from upcoming VR headsets like the Google Daydream VR Project. The fact that a 5.5-inch 4K display was on show from Samsung at the Display Week Conference in San Francisco, further strengthens the suggestion.

Part of Samsung's Project Valley, the Galaxy X with a foldable screen is now rumoured to sport bio-blue technology as well. Of course, this one will also be a 4K panel, but with enhanced blue light filters for retinal protection and the ability to bend for a more compact and portable experience. Let us hope that these rumors for the next year turns out to be true as 2017 is fast approaching.

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