Samsung Releases the June Security Update for Its Tablets

1 July, 2017 Samsung Updates

Samsung has now officially released the June security patch for all its tablets that had not yet received the SMR for last month. The list includes the Galaxy Tab S2, Tab S3, Tab 4 and Tab E, with their firmware versions being T715CZCU2CQF1, T825XXU1AQF3/T820XXU1AQF3 (Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi + LTE), T531XXU1AQD1 and T560NUUEU1BQF1 respectively.

In addition to the usual 96 fixes which the June update brings for all devices running on Android, this OTA patch will also tend to some of Samsung's unique bugs and fixes on these tablets. If you own any of these models, check your device now to see if you already have received a notification or manually confirm it from the settings menu just to be sure. As the reports coming in are varied and isn't exactly tied down to any particular region, you should be getting it within the next few days no matter where you are.

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