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The Galaxy Tab S3 Android tablet was launched by Samsung as expected at the MWC, but so were two other tablets. The tab S3 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 9.7-ich QXGA Super AMOLED display, 32GB of internal storage, expandable micro-SD card slot, 13-mp and 5-mp cameras at the rear and the front, 4G LTE, 6,000mAh battery with Quick Charge support, USB Type-C and the new S-Pen with "tilt" detection.

Both the Galaxy Books are powered by Windows 10 and come with keyboard docs for added productivity. The low-powered 10-inch version comes with a Full HD 10.6-inch LCD display, a 7th-generation Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB RAM, 5-mp front cam, 64GB/128GB storage and expandable MMC support. The more powerful Galaxy Book 12 features a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. Powering it are a 7th Gen. Intel Core i5 (Kaby Lake) dual-core processor clocked at 3.1GHz, 4GB/8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of SSD storage with MMC support. Both the Windows devices will have support for the advanced S-Pen and all its features. In order to take advantage of the stylus, along with some added features, the two Windows tablet-laptop hybrids will come with quite a few pre-installed Samsung software suits.

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The future of the tablet is uncertain as the Android tablet market is not doing well and the iPads are only just hanging on to a fraction of their previous sales numbers. Nevertheless, Samsung has not given up on tablets yet because we have news of two tablets for you today; both running on Android and both manufactured by the Korean giant.

As can be seen from the screenshot, the Galaxy Tab S4 aka SM-T835 has made an appearance on Geekbench with scores that are at par with last-gen flagship handsets (S8, S8+ and Note 8) running on the SD 835. The tablet seems to be running with support from 4GB of RAM and on Android 8.1 Oreo. I will never understand why Samsung keeps on launching their flagship tablets with outdated chips from last year!

The SM-T590, which is most probably the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2018) was also revealed earlier when it went through the Eurasian Economic Commission. It seems like Samsung might have slowed down their tablet release cycles, but they have not given up on them completely.

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Acer Selfie Hat


Last Monday, As a surprise Acer has announced a new product accessories that brings the selfie tech to a ridiculous new level. The company introduced a never-seen-before "Selfie Hat".


This latest weird development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 tablet held by the hat's fold-down flap. The tablet is located on the hat in such a way that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim for the ideal selfie.




Even more alarming, there was actual thought put into the "couture" aesthetic of it. It was designed in collaboration with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis and Acer UK.


For those interested in purchasing a hat well, you may be out of luck unless you're in the London area. It'll be on display today at the Christian Cowan-Sanluis fashion presentation at London Fashion Week.





When the new school year is approaching, it is time to start with the preparations. You need to purchase your books, get some notebooks, download some apps, buy your school wardrobe, and pack for college. In your backpack, there's one item that's definitely a must today - a tablet. Tablets are becoming more of a need than just a luxury or preference for college students today. Thanks to the many benefits it offers, you should definitely consider getting one if you don't own a tablet already. So, without further ado, here are the best tablets for college at this moment.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the best tablet for college, but not only there. It's actually one of the preferred technology inventions by professionals who need a tablet to work, and even by individuals who simply want to own a tablet to reap the many benefits it offers. In fact, my custom essays services company's writers all use this tablet to receive and check orders, as well as boost their editing process.

This particular tablet features an AMOLED screen that provides users with amazing performance regardless of the viewing environment. It's light weight, making it highly portable and efficient for students who're tired of dragging all those books around campus.

  1. Asus Transformer T102HA-C4GR Touch screen Laptop

If you're looking for the best tablet for school, you should definitely consider this option. The Asus Transformer 10.1 inch tablet is considered one of the top 10 educational tablets of 2019. It is pre-loaded with an installed version of Windows 10, and has a very convenient keyboard dock that will come quite useful when you need to take some notes.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro

This device is considered the best tablet for students for several reasons. Firstly, it features an attachable keyboard option that you can use for note-taking or when you have to do your paper on your ride to school. This feature is not always included, so make sure to check for it before you make your purchase. Also, make sure to get the latest versions that come with a better processor and more RAM - there are plenty of options available at this point.



Thanks to the incorporation of PixelSense, the screen has quite the impressive display with low glare and high contrast, allowing you to watch everything and read your books without having to drag them around all the time.

  1. Apple IPAD Air 2

Not only is this tablet highly portable, but it's also one of the most efficient tablets you can buy. It features a bright retina display and will hold for over 10 hours of constant use. If you're looking for a light wear, great-looking, affordable, and effective solution - Apple once again surprises with its quality.

  1. Apple IPAD Mini 5

Once again, Apple proves that not all great things come in a big package. This is the smallest tablet they've produced, which is why most students prefer it over any previous version. But, don't let the small size fool you. The Apple IPAD mini features a 2048 x 1536 resolution, over 3.1 million pixels, as well as an A8 processing chip with a 64 bit technology. This means that you can enjoy a masterful viewing experience, as well as plenty of activities from gaming to studying with the help of the mini tablet.

The latest version, the Apple IPAD Mini 5 is a much improved version than the previous ones, which also makes it the best option for you.

  1. Google Nexus 9

Our sixth choice is a masterful blend of portability and function. With a small sized screen of only 8.9'', this device is perfect to carry around. It has front HTC BoomSound speakers you can use to play some music, as well as a 64-bit processor that provides you with a seamless experience while you switch between tasks.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

One of Samsung's best inventions in the world of tablets, the Tab S3 device is quite the versatile piece of equipment. You can find it as a tablet only or in combination with a Staedtler pencil add-on or a keyboard cover. Basically, it turns into a mini laptop when you need one, while it is very light wear at the same time. The tablet features a 5MP front and 13MP rear camera.



  1. Asus Zenpad S8

If you opt for this tablet version, you'll be impressed by its storage option, as well as the weight of only 298 grams. The Asus Zenpad S8 has a 74% screen to body ratio, comes with VisualMaster and Asus Tru2Life+ technology.

  1. Sony Experia Tablet Z

For all those looking for an impressive, full HD display, this is the best tablet you can find. It weighs only 500 grams and still has an impressively large display. Moreover, it is water resistant and features great sound thanks to the Xloud and ClearAudio+ technology.

  1. Lenova Yoga Tablet 2

Finally, we have the tablet that features the popular Intel Atom Quad Core technology, comes equipped with Windows 8.1, and has tremendous features such as long battery life (up to 15 hours) and a subscription to Microsoft Office.

Have you picked your favorite from our list? No matter what choice you make, you can't go wrong - these ten options are highest rated among students!

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Windows 10


Microsoft decided to skip the number 9 entirely and name Windows 10 as the successor to Windows 8.1. The new OS version will unsurprisingly come with the features that have been rumored for the next Windows iteration over the past few months.


On the PC side, Windows 10 seems to be all about convincing those who are still sticking with Windows 7 to finally upgrade.


Windows 10


So the Start Menu is back, though with a distinct "Metro" vibe. It has tiles and icons that are a blend of classic and new universal apps. Tiles can be re-sized. The new Search feature in the Start Menu pulls results from the Web as well as local content.


Windows 10


Users of Windows with mice and keyboards are finally taken seriously again, with the dual-environment feel of Windows 8 now totally gone. Modern (metro) apps can run in windowed mode. Hence, Snap View now works with both types of apps, and it's even been expanded to allow for a maximum of four apps to be on the screen at the same time.



Windows 10 demo [Video]

Las Vegas strip is certainly a vibrant city on the planet. This adult's playground is known for its glitzy offerings in the form of big casinos and buffets. Planning a trip to Vegas, however, is quite not possible every single day. This does not imply that you need to remain devoid of all the fun that Las Vegas has to offer. There are incredible casino sites offering various casino games online that are not just fun but will never let you miss the glamour that Vegas Strip has to offer.


Online casino games that can brighten up your day


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Roulette is yet another popular offering when we look at the casino games. You do not have to visit an actual casino for indulging in this captivating game. All you need to do is download an app or access any website offering online casino games. Vegas is popular for a dice game - craps as well. If craps game is what you are looking to indulge in, then you must check out the offerings on any reliable online casino. You do not have to travel to Vegas to play your favourite game anymore.


Online casinos have made it quite easier for the players to indulge in their favourite online casino games. Gone are the days when people had to dedicate specific time to play their favourite games. This can now be done no matter where you are and no matter when you want to play.


As we all sit at home, hoping to minimize further spreading of the infection, life can get quite boring! Of course, if you are a gamer then you already have your PC or Console games locked, loaded and ready to go, but what about the rest?

Most of us on the other hand, like playing casual games such as Candy Crush or Angry Birds, because trying to beat Lothric and Lorian in Dark Souls 3 again, after dying for the 20th time in a row is considered  "entertainment" by a very limited number of individuals.

! For the rest of us, mobile games are good enough in their comparative simplicity. One may even argue that a casual bout of trying our luck at online slots, or a quick multiplayer match of 8 ball pool on the smartphone can be more entertaining and doesn't take up all your time either. So, for the less hardcore gamers out there, who would rather stay entertained during the lockdown than try and learn the core mechanics of complex video games, here are five options that they will enjoy.

Carrom Disc Pool by Miniclip






We're decided to replace the globally famous and extremely well maintained 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip, with their own, much newer and comparatively less famous game, Carrom Disc Pool. Although the game is much simpler and easier to master, it has an advantage that makes it a better game than miniclip's 8 ball Pool in out opinion; it doesn't necessarily follow a pay-to-win strategy for extracting money from its players. 

There are a few in-app purchase options and they can indeed give players an advantage in multiplayer matches as well, but that advantage is minimalistic in nature. Your can beats someone with the top level gear, even if you have never paid a dime to earn your strikers. That is a rarity these days, which is why the game comes highly recommended for those skilled enough with their aiming on 2D boards.

Crystal Rift by Rabcat Gambling



Slot games can start to feel similar after a while, which is why it is extremely important for the developers to concentrate on graphics and animations to set them apart from the rest. Crystal Rift makes it onto this list ahead of other similar, but way more popular games such as Berry Burst or Jewel Burst because of that very reason; it is a gorgeous game from Rabcat Gambling that outclasses every slot game created in the mining/jewel theme, just by being a stunner.

The slot also has an incredible RTP of 96.4%, so you may win a fortune from your bets, provided you are lucky enough of course. Find a Casino in Kuwait and use the $1,001 bonus to try out beautiful slots such as Crystal Rift or Yggdrasil's Reef Run to name just a a few. 

Boxing Star



The final game on the list is Boxing Star and it was included solely based on the fact that there are no other fun boxing games like it on mobile at least. Do be aware that it's shamelessly pay-to-win, and you will have to accept defeat as part of your career, every time you come across a player who has paid a lot for their gloves, mouthpieces, etc.

Nevertheless, the game mechanics are executed well, it looks quite good and the story mode at least is worth downloading the game for, even if you don't want to spend your entire salary in buying more stuff than a game should be allowed to sell in-game!

None of the games mentioned here are taxing on the mind or fingers, and they are selected from a long list of high quality mobile games. Just be careful not to spend too much, or you will fall into the pay-to-win trap which mobile games are infamous for. At least the casino slots give you a chance at winning real money back, but if you fall into the whole in-app purchase cycle, you will be spending your hard earned money on gear that will go out of date in a few days, or even hours!


While trying for Prediksi HK, you must take out some time and read about the best tablets available online! If you haven't noticed this yet, then we will urge to look upon this matter and see how people are shifting their attention very gradually from smartphones and desktop systems. To be true, the tablets were actually launched initially to get rid of large desktop systems and even laptop. In the early stages of their launch, they were even called palmtop by some of the users.

There are many reasons due to which people from around the world who are interested in using phones and laptops and love doing so are shifting their attention to the tablets. Well if you buy a good tablet with the cellular feature as well, then you can surely go for it and shift both of your old devices into a new tablet. For that, you have to know about the best tablets in town and we here only because we care for our readers have gathered the best information about the top tablets available in the online market!

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet!


The Samsung Galaxy tablet is the top in our list of best tablets around the world. This is obviously the best android tablet available in the online market. It has many features that will help you forget your huge desktop and laptop systems in no time. the Galaxy tablet is said to have a very user-friendly interface with having both supporting views of mobile and desktop.

If you want to get a user-friendly device which is easy to understand and which can guide you itself with all of its applications and support, then the Galaxy tablet is the best choice you could make while making a purchase online. If you want to get a good deal on a tablet, then we recommend that you visit the online market of Amazon. They have good deals going around at Christmas time!

The iPad by Apple!


Now, this is a more sophisticated device and a more professional one when it comes to its use and carrying it - being classy and all Apple's tablet or more commonly known as the iPad is one of the greatest tablets around the world. If you are not an IOS user, then don't expect it to be user-friendly but if you are already using an iOS system in the form of your phone or your mac book then you can easily use it in the best possible way as if you are an Apple lover and if you understand and enjoy its operating system then you can easily use the iPad and love it more than any device!

You can also get good deals on the iPad if you shop online from Amazon. You can also order your tablet from the online Apple's retailers. Maybe you can also get air pods for free as a part of their Christmas offer!


Samsung official Lollipop updates ETA

Many Samsung users around the world are still waiting for their Official Android 5.0 / 5.1 Lollipop Update to hit their devices. We here at YouMobile are trying to keep all those Samsung users updated, that's why we created the Official Updates Status Page to check up on your device's Model update status (Delayed, Rolling-out, Pending, Confirmed... etc).


Many of the users who did NOT get the update yet are asking "When my device will get the update ?" or "Any ETA for the Lollipop update ?"... So we decided to post this "ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) List" for the Lollipop update of every Samsung Device That DID NOT get the update yet.


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Samsung Smartphones ETA's*:


• Galaxy S6 - [5.1.1] - Rolling-out
• Galaxy S6 Edge - [5.1.1] - Rolling-out
• Galaxy S5 - [5.1.1] - Rolling-out
• Galaxy ALPHA - [5.1.1] - [Q3,2015]
• T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge - Rolling-out
• Galaxy Note 4 Duos - Rolling-out
• T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 - Rolling-out
• U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 4 - [ June / July ]
• Vodafone Galaxy Note 4 - [ June / July ]
• Galaxy Note 3 Neo - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy Note 2 - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy S5 mini - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy S5 mini DUOS - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy K zoom - [ Q4,2015 ]
• Galaxy A7 - Rolling-out
• Galaxy A5 - Rolling-out
• Galaxy A3 - Rolling-out
• Galaxy E7 - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy E5 - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy ALPHA - Rolling-out
• Galaxy Core Prime - Rolling-out
• Galaxy Grand Prime - [ Delayed ]


Samsung Tablets ETA's*:


• Galaxy Tab 4 Series - Rolling-out
• Galaxy Tab S 8.4/10.5 - Rolling-out
• Galaxy TabPRO Series (ALL) - [ Q3,2015 ]
• Galaxy NotePRO Series (ALL) - Rolling-out
• Galaxy Tab Active - [ Q4,2015 ]
• Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) - [Q3,2015]


Please Note, The dates listed above are only ETA [Expected Time of Arrival] and NOT all of them officially confirmed, the updates may come sooner or later than the dates listed above. We gathered these data according to the Info announced/leaked from Samsung, and also based on monitoring KIES update servers behavior.


Samsung Official OTA updates Status


Samsung Official Lollipop Firmwares


Samsung Turkey has just published some very good news for Samsung smartphone owners on its website. The post clears all confusion regarding which Samsung handsets and tablets are going to get updated to Nougat in 2017, once and for all. Additionally, it also clearly mentions planned dates on which the updates are supposed to go live for their respective smartphone/tablet models. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Korean giant has included even the older and low-end smartphones like the Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy On7 from 2015 to this list.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this is a Nougat roadmap designed for Turkey and therefore, the dates will vary according to your country. Nevertheless, the list does give us at least a rough idea about when to expect it for our respective smartphones. Once the update gets rolled out, it's only a matter of time before it reaches all regions. As expected, the Galaxy S7 range is the top priority, with most of the handsets in the range already being updated to Nougat 7.0 as you read this. It will probably be the end of the year or even early next year before the J5 and the Galaxy J7 Prime gets upgraded, but at least you know that it's coming!

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


Head over to our firmware section to find all the latest available updates for your smartphone.

Samsung has now officially released the June security patch for all its tablets that had not yet received the SMR for last month. The list includes the Galaxy Tab S2, Tab S3, Tab 4 and Tab E, with their firmware versions being T715CZCU2CQF1, T825XXU1AQF3/T820XXU1AQF3 (Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi + LTE), T531XXU1AQD1 and T560NUUEU1BQF1 respectively.

In addition to the usual 96 fixes which the June update brings for all devices running on Android, this OTA patch will also tend to some of Samsung's unique bugs and fixes on these tablets. If you own any of these models, check your device now to see if you already have received a notification or manually confirm it from the settings menu just to be sure. As the reports coming in are varied and isn't exactly tied down to any particular region, you should be getting it within the next few days no matter where you are.

Head over to our firmware section to find all the latest available updates for your Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Despite the abundance of portable laptops, many students prefer tablets in college. Perhaps it is because oversized smartphones, preferably attributed as minicomputers, are low cost, lightweight, and easy to use. After all, they are easier to handle than their contemporaries, making them ideal for media streaming, socializing, and note-taking. Indeed, making the best choice of gadgets can enhance your educational career. If you plan to study nursing science online, you need to make sure that you are equipped to improve your digital access. Digital access is vital to ensure that you can complete your studies properly, and with the right tablet and technology, your degree is going to be a pleasure rather than a frustration rather than a pain. You should get as much advice as possible before choosing the right technology as there may be some specific programs and software for your degree course. For instance, the Apple iPad is a complete alternative for laptops as it is designed for reading and writing. Since there are several tablet models on the market, there is a need for a proper guide to purchasing the best model. Starting from the price to functionality, the specifications defined in this guide have been carefully selected.


The specifications of the best tablets

Especially considering college assignments, students have to select tablets that are suited for essay writing. Also, tablets must have more robust features including legible display, fast processors, excellent storage space, and multi-functionality.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Are you a first-year student? Then, you should cop the latest device in the Microsoft family. If your bag is packed without the Surface Pro 4, how do you intend to keep up with trends in the world? Although marketed as a tablet, it offers the same functions as a traditional laptop. The sleek design combined with stunning power and fast processor means you can run multiple programs at once. While you are in class, you can take notes and switch between slides in a single swipe. The all-day battery life is just what you need to meet deadlines in essays and assignments.


Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro


The iPad Pro 9.7-inch is a stylish and affordable model, making it perfect for first-year college students. Students in arts and sciences will find a good use for this gadget as its large screen supports reading. You can enjoy HD movies on its impressive screen too. With 2GB of RAM, you can multitask between personal stuff, classes, and assignments. If you enjoy writing or own a blog, you can juggle your writing activities on the gadget. Additionally, the tablet is well-optimized for accessing websites. For instance, Essays match is for consulting with writing professionals to take the burden of composing essays off your shoulders.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A


If you don't want to run into student debts while getting a tablet, this selection is the perfect option. Although an old model, this tablet has remained compatible with college students' demands ranging from multitasking to writing essays. Its 8-inch display has the perfect resolution for watching instructional videos. With a flash memory up to 16GB, you can store e-books, videos, webinars, and presentations for quick referencing. The sleek design is made so for versatility, portability, and functionality.


Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet


The Amazon creation is not only perfect for reading e-books alone, but it is also designed for multi-functionality. Even though its anti-glare coating supports all-day reading, the tablet is compatible with essential college apps. Similar to Siri, the factory fitted Alexa VA will help you control the tablet without a single click. Furthermore, the ridiculous price mark makes it affordable for an average college student.


Asus Zenpad S8

Asus Zenpad S8


Asus Zenbook is quite popular amongst all tablet models, and indeed, it is budget-friendly. Despite the $1000 price mark, this model has a large screen and a fast processor. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry in backpacks and take to different classes. The external keyboard also facilitates typing, helping you get ahead in essay writing and assignments. Reading e-books is as easy as typing, thanks to the screen resolution.


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