Samsung and Audi partnering up in the automotive industry

8 January, 2017 Samsung

We already know that Samsung is planning to get into the automotive industry and today, another report right out of China is claiming that Samsung has taken another big step in that direction. According to this report, Audi will use Samsung's own Exynos processors in their cars, starting from the next year. If the report turns out to be true then this will be the first time that Samsung would be supplying its chips to a car manufacturer, thus marking the next step for Samsung in the industry.

Although this is the next step, we knew it was coming as Samsung did make a deal with Audi back in November to supply the manufacturer with semiconductor memory solutions (20nm DRAM) for the computers that some of their cars have built inside them. It was also in November, that Samsung had acquired Harman Internationals, a company famous for making car audio equipments. The chances are pretty high that Samsung, in collaboration with other suppliers and manufacturers, might be planning to launch multiple self-driving cars in the very near future.


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