Samsung could beat TSMC at their own game

17 October, 2023 Samsung

Samsung could beat TSMC at their own game


For a while, TSMC was leading the way when it came to the development of chipsets, creating more transistor-dense chipsets using smaller fabrication processes compared to the competition. But now it looks like TSMC is starting to fall behind and Samsung could actually beat them at their own game.


A recent report from PulseNews has revealed that TSMC has apparently slowed down their development progress in Baoshan due to a slowdown in the demand for chips. This also means that TSMC could delay the launch of their 2nm chipset, which in turn could result in Samsung launching a 2nm chipset before TSMC does.


It was initially expected that TSMC would be the first to launch a 3nm chipset, but Samsung actually managed to beat them to it. Assuming Samsung manages to maintain their pace and developmental progress, it is possible that Samsung could once again beat TSMC by launching the first 2nm chip.


This has huge implications because many companies like Apple and Qualcomm actually rely on TSMC for their chipsets, but if Samsung could create something better before TSMC does, those companies could start shifting more orders over to Samsung. It probably isn't as simple as that as things like pricing, quality control, yield rates, and more need to be factored in, but for now, it looks like Samsung is winning the race.


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