Samsung could bring AMD GPUs to its mid-range phones

5 September, 2023 Samsung

Samsung could bring AMD GPUs to its mid-range phones


A few years ago, Samsung and AMD announced a partnership in which it would see both companies work together to integrate AMD's GPU technology into Samsung's Exynos chipsets. It was previously only available for Samsung's flagship devices, but now it might extend to their mid-range phones.


This is according to a post on X by @Tech_Reve who claims that these AMD GPUs could find their way into Exynos chipsets used on Samsung's mid-range phones next year, namely the upcoming Exynos 1480 and 1430 chipsets which are expected to be announced and released in 2024.



That being said, before you get too excited at the idea of better gaming on mid-range handsets, the post claims that the use of AMD's GPUs could be mostly used for ISP (image signal processing) rather than gaming. For those wondering what this means, basically the GPU will be used more towards image/video processing for the phone's cameras.


A more capable GPU should, in theory, offer better enhancements to images captured by the phone's cameras, so rather than rely on a sensor with more megapixels or changes to the camera lenses, Samsung could improve the cameras on its mid-range phones through its GPUs.


Of course, some games that aren't as demanding on the processor could still leverage the GPUs for better graphics, but it will be hard to say for sure.


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