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Samsung is Recalling Galaxy Note 4 Smartphones in the US

17 August, 2017 Samsung

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has just recalled 10,000+ Galaxy Note 4 handsets for issues related to the battery. If that sounds familiar then it's because of the fact that about year ago, something similar happened with the Galaxy Note 7. While this doesn't sound good for Samsung initially, a little more probe into the matter reveals that Samsung is actually not at fault for this one.

It seems that some AT&T refurbished Galaxy Note 4 smartphones contained batteries in them that are prone to overheating. As the batteries were not made or supplied by Samsung, they are off the hook for this one. In fact, the heating batteries are counterfeit units which made their way into some of the AT&T refurbished Galaxy Note 4 devices through unknown means. As of now, there have been no reports of fire, explosion, damage or injury.

The Galaxy Note 7 disaster has been one of Samsung's biggest messes recently, but they have come out of that much better than most people expected them to. Of course, the real test of the impact that the infamous handset had left on the minds of Samsung's customers will commence once the Galaxy Note 8 goes on sale next month.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


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