Samsung is finally bringing seamless updates to its smartphones

23 March, 2024 Samsung

Samsung is finally bringing seamless updates to its smartphones


Google introduced seamless updates about 8 years ago with Android Nougat. Now it looks like Samsung has finally decided to come on board with seamless updates. Interestingly enough, they are starting with their newly-launched Galaxy A55 smartphone.


For those unfamiliar, seamless updates are a way to better manage the downloading and installing of Android updates. It creates a situation where an update is downloaded and installed in the background, while keeping the phone completely operational. This means that instead of sitting around waiting for an update to download and install, you can do other things.


The use of an A/B partition system also helps in the event an installation goes wrong. This is done by reverting to the previous build. We're not sure why Samsung took this long to implement seamless updates, but we're glad it's finally here.


Now, there is the question of whether or not existing Samsung devices will get it. The bad news is that chances are they won't. This is because this is a feature that needs to be configured ahead of time. So even if you own the latest Samsung flagship, you'll be missing out on this feature.


Presumably future Samsung handsets, like the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold and Flip series, will get it. So unless you plan to get the Galaxy A55, you'll just have to wait until your next Samsung phone.


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