Samsung’s First Galaxy Note 8 Teaser on Twitter?

13 July, 2017 Samsung

The rumors are out and about in full stretch regarding the Galaxy Note 8 and by now, we all have a pretty good idea about how the upcoming stylus wielding device from Samsung is going to look like. However, they are all mostly based on rumors and the excellent concepts that we have seen so far are after all, just unofficial concepts. As if to give credence to what we have seen so far, Samsung Exynos has just Twitted an image that might be teasing the Galaxy Note 8 itself!

The Exynos 9-series chip advertised here is accompanied by a smartphone which looks suspiciously like the Galaxy Note 8 renders and leaks that we have seen so far on the internet. You could argue that it's the Galaxy S8+ that we are seeing here, but I would disagree because of the following reasons.

1. Since it doesn't even have any buttons on the side, it is most obviously a mockup and if they wanted to accompany the Exynos 9 chip with an image of the S8+, they wouldn't need to make a mockup of the device since it is already out and about.

2. The top bezel looks even thinner than that of the Galaxy S8+

Do you think that Samsung has just teased us with our first look at the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SamMobile

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