Samsung's First Tizen Device Coming Next Month to Russia

27 April, 2014 Samsung

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At the MWC, Samsung quietly showed off a Tizen powered handset, there wasn't any information provided as to when and where this handset would first be released. But thanks to a report published on Sunday that cites a Samsung official, we now expect that the First Tizen powered smartphone will be launched Next month in Russia.

The unnamed Samsung official reportedly said that the plan is for other Tizen powered devices to connect with the smartphone. As for what we can expect from the first Tizen driven handset, the official states that it has specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president for Samsung's Product Strategy Team, earlier said that the company would release two Tizen powered smartphones during the current quarter. One would be a high-end model, while the other would be a mid-range device designed to attract buyers to the platform.

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