Security Update for the Month Lands on the Galaxy A5 range of Smartphones

17 January, 2019 Samsung Updates


As far as major OS upgrades are concerned, the low - mid end Samsung smartphones are usually not the ones who get their updates when they should, but it's different scenario as far as the security updates are concerned though. Whether you support the strategy or not, Samsung has proven time and again that they roll out their security updates, as soon as they are ready to run on a specific model, rather than prioritizing the high-end models over the low to mid rangers. Staying true to that philosophy, Samsung has just started to roll out the January security patch the Galaxy A5 (2016) and Galaxy A5 (2017).


While 2019's first security update isn't the heaviest we have seen from Google or Samsung, it still is an essential update that will patch three critical vulnerabilities in the Android OS and four bugs in Samsung's overlying software interface. If you own a A5 (2016), chances are that you will see the update sooner than you would if you own a A5 (2017), given that users from more varied regions have reported getting the update for their A5 (2016). Nonetheless, irrespective of your location or device, the security update for January should reach both devices in all areas within a week or two.

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