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Sony Set to Expand Their Mobile Gaming Reach

3 May, 2021 Gaming

Sony Set to Expand Their Mobile Gaming Reach


With the ever-changing news cycle of modern life, trends can often come and go in no time. This means it can sometimes be difficult to predict what's going to stick around, but, despite some naysayers, it's clear that mobile gaming isn't going away any time soon.


Mobile gaming has been on an upward trend for the past few years, and now it looks as though Sony is making moves to cement themselves as frontrunners in this field. With this news, we may be about to see the video game market expand in an unprecedented way.


Why has Sony Made this Move?

Sony's most successful foray into the gaming world is the world-famous PlayStation brand. Since PlayStation 1 paved the way with smash hits such as Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro, the subsequent consoles have continued to break records and remain at the forefront of the video game industry.


According to the recent job advertisement that Sony has posted, they're looking for a new Head of Mobile to "lead the development and strategy of mobile gaming".


Whilst PlayStation has already released many mobile games such as Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and Hidden Agenda, this news seems to imply they're eager to put more emphasis on this area. The big question is, why has Sony chosen to do this now?


The Impact of eSports

This news doesn't come as a surprise to those of us who have kept an eye on global trends. It was recently stated by the general manager of Team Vitality Randall Fernandez that 90% of online gamers in India consider mobile phones to be their preferred device.


The days in which eSports were dismissed have long since passed, but debates centred around this topic still rage on. These discussions often concern graphics, connection speed, fps, and more.


In many of these areas, desktop gaming has been ahead of the competition for the past few decades, but many types of mobile gaming have already caught up with their desktop counterparts, and in some gaming categories such as mobile slots they are frequently preferred by the game manufacturer.


This is due to several factors which are pretty easy to see. In terms of graphics, mobile slots are as high-level as you need in this category. Due to the simplicity of the format, mobile slots are preferable to some users because they're very streamlined and compact. Convenience is key, and this is just one of many indications that the market is changing.


It's clear that a mobile gaming eSports revolution is currently playing out before us, and this is undoubtedly a market that Sony would be interested in capitalizing on. So, what are some of the driving technological forces behind these attitude shifts?


Processing Power


Processing Power

Mobile processing power has increased across the board. This doesn't just apply to the higher-priced options, as many budget phones being released now come with increasingly impressive specs.


With Sony making a huge portion of their profits from the online gaming industry, these strides in processing power cannot be ignored. Another area that has likely caused Sony to further its mobile gaming reach is convenience.



This is a somewhat obvious sector in which mobile gaming outperforms most of the competition, and Sony will be keen to use this to their advantage. People very rarely leave the house without their mobile phones, and the number of reasons for this is growing by the day.


Phones are now essential parts of both our working and recreational lives, so it's rare to see someone without their device at hand. However, there have always been obvious drawbacks when it comes to mobile phones. This is where 5G makes a big difference.



5G is soon to be the standard broadband cellular network. With the ability to download whole 4K movies in seconds and retain signals in tricky places such as train tunnels, it will revolutionize the way we use our phones.


Online mobile gaming has suffered from the fact that you can't always rely on Wi-Fi or 4G to be readily available everywhere you go, but this is going to become a thing of the past as 5G grows in popularity.



As a result of these leaps in mobile gaming technology, Sony's online gaming reach could increase exponentially in parts of the world where consoles aren't as easy to obtain, so this is likely a key factor in their decision to start planning for the future now. It's an exciting time for mobile gaming, and we can't wait to see what Sony has got in store for us.


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