The August Security Update is Making Its Way onto the Galaxy S5

25 August, 2017 Samsung Updates

The Galaxy S5 is still receiving timely updates from Samsung, although it is over three years old at this point. It's not that we are complaining of course! In fact, it is always nice to see Samsung showing some love to older handsets and the Galaxy S5 was indeed the king of Samsung's roster back in 2014.

As per reports, the August security patch is making rounds in Europe at the time and if your S5 still hasn't got it, it will in the next day or two. Most other regions will get the same update as well, but the timeline will differ depending on your location. The OTA update will come in at a size of 74.96MB and the firmware version on it will be GH900FXXS1CQH1.

In case you are wondering, we are yet to receive any confirmation regarding whether or not the Galaxy S5/S5 Neo will receive an upgrade to Android Nougat. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated on the news as always.

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