The Best Smartphone Investment For 2020

25 September, 2020 Smartphones


There is simply no denying that 2020 has already been a good year for the mobile industry. Heck, the industry has seen growth and revenue increase, unlike anything they've experienced before. That being said, this is likely something that you could have said about the previous couple of years as well as going back a decade or more. It seems like every year smartphone makers and creators are pushing the limits of what they did in the previous years. Phone-makers are evolving faster and becoming more innovative! There is simply no other way to put it. This is a good and bad thing for consumers all around the globe.


The Best Smartphone Investment For 2020


While it does provide access to more options and features along with a variety of pricing options, it does oversaturate the market. Everyone from Apple to Samsung wants to get in on the action. And, they have! Needless to say, this makes choosing a make and model in today's market more confusing and difficult than ever. That was until you came across this handy guide.


The Budget Phone

If you've been shopping around the market recently, you don't need anyone to remind you that today's options are more expensive than ever. If you are like some people, you can remember when it was easy to pick up a phone for under $50 to $100. This isn't the case today. And, if you were able to score a phone at this price, it would be so slow and outdated that you couldn't use it. Whatever the situation, this is why it is always important to consider pricing when shopping. That's exactly where the iPhone SE will come in handy for many. Starting at just $400 for the basic model, this is easily one of the more affordable options with the features and capabilities that most people are looking for today.

It features an A13 processor along with an amazing camera that will capture some of the most beautiful selfies and shots. It also features a TouchID and home button, which are older features, but some of the more popular ones. Users from all around will appreciate that this phone includes them.

The Android Experience

Android phones broke onto the market not too long ago and are an immensely popular option amongst many online gamblers that take advantage of the casino bonus. This is because there are a lot of real money gambling apps that are compatible with these styles of phones. And, the Note 20 Ultra is no exception. It'll also offer you access to a wide range of apps, including ones that you can use to play games for real cash and make bets. The Note 20 Ultra, just like its smaller cousin the Note 20, might be a pricey phone, but it has features to back that price.

The screen is probably amongst the most notable. The phone features an embedded S Pen stylus that allows users to easily and quickly navigate their way around the phone. Whether playing games or simply browsing the web, the embedded pen will pay dividends. Combine this with the triple-rear camera array and high-powered processor, and you are looking at one of the most solid and reliable phones on the market today.

The Value Phone

Speaking of reliability and value, one can never go wrong with the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. These phones are nowhere as near well known as the Apple of Samsung, but they offer a premium experience at a more reasonable price range. Just like the advanced Android smartphone, both of these feature a 120Hz display that is simply stunning along with a telephoto camera. Although still more affordable, the OnePlus 8 does come available with 5G capabilities that will make surfing, streaming, and gaming so much more effective and efficient.

Top of The Line Android

Going back to Android devices, fans of these styles of phones are going to love the Samsung Galaxy S20 along with everything about it. This phone will be the staple for Android devices in 2020, as it will more than set the bar. It will be the bar for Android standards and excellency. It features a brilliant 6.2-inch display along with smooth 120Hz processing, wireless charging, water-resistant design, and three amazing rear cameras.


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