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The End of the Smartphones Era is near ?

28 November, 2012 Technology




You've heard that Google is working on computerized glasses. They're called Google Glass, and developers can already buy them. Last week, we saw that Microsoft is also working on something similar too.


google glass

The most recent word out of Google is that Google Glass isn't going to use "augmented reality" where data and illustrations overlay the actual world around you. Google Glass is actually just a tiny screen you have to look up and to the left to see. Apple has been also granted a patent to make a product similar to the Google Smart glasses too.



Microsoft augmented reality Glasses patent


However, Microsoft's glasses seem to utilize augmented reality. In a patent illustration photo below you can see that the glasses put data on top of a live action concert and a ballgame.


Apple glass

Computers have been getting smaller and closer to our faces since their very beginning. First they were in big rooms, then they sat on desktops, then they sat on our laps, and now they're in our palms. Next they'll be on our faces. Is this the End of the Smartphone Era ?



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