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The Five Games To Make You Feel More Social

23 February, 2021 OnePlus

The Five Games To Make You Feel More Social


Seeing friends and family is incredibly difficult at the minute, in fact it's unlawful in many cases, so enjoying something social can be difficult. Sure there's the Zoom quiz, but even that's grown tired given we've been answering questions since March. And with a little while longer to go, it's perhaps about time we all tried something a little fresher.


The world of gaming has long been a way to improve social skills, with plenty of games allowing you to chat, be part of a team, and compete against each other. But what games should you try in order to help your social life over the coming months?



Bingo nights such as Bongo's Bingo were among the best nights out in the country this time last year, but of course, that's no longer the case and players who enjoy bingo are having to switch their gaming online on the best best au casino sites.


There's been a real boom in online gambling players recently, particularly bingo because it can be a great game to be social too.


Playing on sites like casinosonlinecanada, not only allows you to while away the hours on your sofa, but in most cases you'll be able to use the in-built chat functions too and have conversations with the other players in the room.


It's a great place to not only enjoy gaming, but get to know like-minded people and discuss the game, as well as anything else that may take your fancy.



For friends that would usually visit the pub or go to the match together, there's been a huge hole left by the beautiful game and many people trying to plug that hole are using EA Sports' FIFA.


The franchise has long been a game which people go-to to game with friends and it's no different right now.


A great way to use the game to be more social is by setting up a league with friends, so each week you have a set of fixtures to look forward to, and there's something riding on it too.



Roblox saw 82% revenue growth in 2020 thanks to its popularity and can be played across mobile and PC.


It was launched way back in 2006, and is hugely social, allowing people to create their own games as well as play games created by other people.


It's a fantastic way to get to know other people, allowing you to connect with people all over the world, and enjoying games that range in themes and genres from murder mysteries to Jailbreak, Piggy, and more.


Words With Friends 2

Another game for mobile is Words With Friends 2, an app that is great for picking up and putting down whenever you've got a bit of time.


The app plays in exactly the same manner as Scrabble and you can play with friends or strangers, with you required to earn points as you place words on a board from a series of letters.


There's an in-built chat function which allows you to discuss the game, or indeed general life, and it's a great why to enjoy an evening, particularly if you are a lover of playing board games with friends and family normally.


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