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The Galaxy S9 Could be Capable of Capturing Videos at 1000fps!

19 September, 2017 Samsung

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium introduced super slow motion video recording at 960fps this year and till date, no other camera has been able to replicate anything close to that. However, according to the latest rumors, Samsung is planning to challenge Sony's monopoly on that particular camera feature by introducing something similar with the Galaxy S9 in 2018. ET News reports that the rear camera module on the Galaxy S9 will be capable of recording footage at 1,000fps in super slow motion. Although, they did not mention anything about whether or not the module will be a dual camera or a single camera setup.


The three-layer design which Sony uses to capture the 960fps video is exclusive to Sony as they have the patent on it. In order to overcome this obstacle, Samsung is going a different route which may involve a two-layer design. IF you are interested in the exact specifics, you will probably have to wait a few months for that because the S9 is still quite a way off! In the meanwhile check out the video to know how a 1,000fps footage might actually look.

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