The Gambling Industry Will Be All Mobile: Here‘s Why

19 March, 2021 Gaming


Online casinos are on the rise and ready to outshine traditional gambling formats. From desktop computers and PC to tablets and smartphones, it seems like the vast majority of gamblers are now playing the game on electronic devices.


However, mobile gambling shows by far the greatest potential in this field - for a number of reasons. It is already dominating the world of e-gambling, but the situation is yet about to evolve in favor of smartphone-powered casinos.


You can probably think of a couple of success factors alone, but we made an entire list with seven reasons why the gambling industry will be all mobile. Let's check them out!


Mobile Gambling Is Convenient


1. Mobile Gambling Is Convenient

Why do people use mobile phones more frequently than all other electronic devices? The reason is clear - smartphones are highly convenient and available around the clock. We are sure that you always keep a mobile phone at your fingertips simply because it's so darn handy. Such small devices allow you to play Casinosters and other casino games without leaving the comfort of your chair or bed, while you can also use them in crowded areas such as bus stations.


2. COVID-19 Closed Offline Casinos

COVID-19 is not just a healthcare issue. The pandemic didn't just paralyze entire healthcare systems but also closed a wide range of niches and industries worldwide. Unfortunately, the problem fiercely struck traditional casinos and forced owners to close the doors of their outlets.


But the side effect is beneficial for mobile gambling. Today, casino-related apps are thriving because regular gamblers are turning to smartphone games for entertainment. As always, where one door closes - another opens.


3. Internet Accessibility

How can you play online casino games without an Internet connection? Of course, the answer is: I can't. Luckily enough, almost every corner of the earth has stable and fast Internet these days, so online players can start their gambling adventures whenever they want and wherever they are at a given moment. Technical preconditions are all set and now you are free to play casino games just like you can scroll down the Instagram newsfeed or visit popular websites.


4. The Number of Smartphone Owners Is Huge

The number of smartphone owners is yet another reason why so many people decide to play casino games on mobile. According to the report, nearly four billion people around the world own a smartphone device. It means that 50% of the global population is technically equipped for gambling online. Needless to say, a lot of them seize the opportunity and play the game on a smartphone.


5. Mobile Casinos Are Extremely Versatile

Traditional casinos welcome players with dozens of games, but they can never compete with mobile apps in terms of diversity and versatility. The sky is the limit here because digital casino games can come in so many forms and designs.


For instance, online slots have hundreds of different themes. You can choose from superhero-themed slots all the way to sports-focused games. There is something for everyone, which is also why mobile casinos are thriving.


6. Multiple Payment Options

Mobile gambling is not only convenient because of the physical characteristics of smartphone devices. On the contrary, there are other advantages such as the number of available payment options. Unlike traditional casinos, mobile platforms accept different payment channels to attract as many players as possible.


They allow gamblers to pay with credit or master cards as well as to make wire transfers. Additionally, you can transfer money through eBanking or conduct cryptocurrency payments. Most casinos already accept Bitcoin, but a few more cryptocurrencies will soon become available as well.


7. Companies Keep Investing in Mobile Gambling

Casino and app development companies are always looking for new business opportunities and they definitely found one in mobile gambling. This is exactly why they keep investing in casino apps in order to make them look better and more professional. As a consequence, users enjoy a much better gambling experience and switch to mobile games very quickly.


The Bottom Line

The future of gambling is all mobile, for a wide range of reasons. The trend is evolving naturally thanks to the incredible rise of the smartphone industry, while the coronavirus pandemic only made the situation more favorable for the development of casino apps.


In this post, we focused on the seven most important factors that contributed to the rise of mobile-based gambling. Which factor do you think is the most impactful and do you have other interesting explanations to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments below!



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