The March Security Update Brings Much Awaited Camera Improvements to the Galaxy A3 (2017)

16 April, 2018 Samsung Updates

The Galaxy A5 (2017) and the Galaxy A7 (2017) had both received a major camera update from Samsung a few months back, but the budget device Galaxy A3 (2017) was left out of the fold. The good news is that the A3 (2017) has also started to receive a similar camera update now and the OTA package comes in packed with last month's security updates from Google and Samsung as well. Although it's technically the middle of April, that's all the more reason for you to download and install it as soon as possible.

As far as the camera improvements are concerned, they can be listed as the following, but there could also be some minor improvements in terms of picture quality and post processing.

·         AR Stickers are now part of the camera on the A3 (2017)

·         Selfie focus mode is now included, which will allow the camera to take a selfie with a blurred background, similar to a bokeh effect

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