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The best gaming phones you can buy now

26 March, 2021 Gaming

The best gaming phones you can buy now


Not all mobile phones are good for gaming. As phones and games have both become more complex, it can be difficult to know whether that new phone you are about to buy will support your favorite games, especially as manufacturers will try and obscure what the hardware will support.


Arguably it is a lot easier if you have an IOS as opposed to an Android device. That is because IOS is only available on Apple devices, so the latest iPhone model is virtually guaranteed to support the most recent games.


Picking the right Android device is more complicated, although, at the same time, there is the advantage that comes with it of a greater range of phones from which to choose.


Mobile casino operators can also help consumers make a choice. For example, those Canadian casinos which fall under the provided here will all guide as to whether their games are suitable for IOS or Android devices - and, preferably, both.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Whilst there are many Samsung Galaxy models on the market, this is the phone of choice for those who are serious about their gaming. It comes with a highly advanced display that allows users to scale up to a maximum of 129H or down as far as 30Hz depending on the frame rate of their on-screen content.


It is also designed in such a way to stream leading Xbox titles, and users can even cast games to external display devices via appropriate Samsung interfaces.


Nubia Red Magic 5G

What makes this phone different is that it has been designed with gaming in mind. That why its features include shoulder triggers to give the user enhanced control, a fan and liquid cooling system to reduce the temperature of the handset, and a 4D shock feature that incorporates vibration into games.


It even has a dedicated Game Space for those who want to customize their gaming experience, and comes with a 144 Hz smartphone screen, meaning it offers a smooth refresh rate.


OnePlus 8 Pro

This has one of the best displays of any phone on the market, with a refresh rate that is both smooth and big. Also, phones come with an industry-leading 1-bit color display then is 60 times more colorful than previous iterations of the same model.


It supports 5G so users can play without lag wherever there happens to be provided there is an appropriate signal, and it offers extended battery life. And, when it comes time to top-up, fast wireless charging is standard.


OnePlus phones also have the advantage of being cheaper than many of their competitors.


iPhone 12 Pro

As previously stated, the latest Apple phones automatically support IOS games and the iPhone 12 is no exception. It comes with a 6.1-inch display and comes with a powerful processor and lots of storage space.


And there is no shortage of games to download through the Apple App Store.


The downside is that it is expensive compared to many other available options, but that will not deter the millions of Apple users out there.


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