The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in details

4 August, 2016 Samsung

Although Samsung disappointed many fans throughout the world when they launched the Galaxy Note 7 with almost the same specs as that of the S7 Edge, there is no denying that it still had a few unique tricks up its metaphorical sleeve. The iris scanner is the most fascinating and unique feature of the Galaxy Note 7 and now that we have had a closer look at it, let us brief you about it.

The biometric security system can be used with supported functionalities like KNOX and Samsung Pay. It can record and recognize unique patterns from both eyes of the user or just one, depending upon your preference. It should be noted that iris scanning is one of the highest levels of security that technology can provide to us right now and the Note 7 brings that to us with the help of its specialized and dedicated camera lens in front of the device. Before details of the iris are stored in encrypted code form, the specialized lens utilizes an infrared sensor to scan the data in from the user's eyes.

The IEC 62471 certified iris scanner is apparently safe to use and auto shuts itself if the eyes are closer to the sensors than they should be. The scanning and subsequent unlocking is fast and remains unaffected by the lighting conditions around the person, according to Samsung. More detailed reports will come in soon after it's officially released on August 19. In the meanwhile check this YouTube video by Samsung Newsroom out.

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