Tiny Gadget that expand the Storage Space on ANY Android device

28 March, 2014 Android

Leef Access


Do you want to Expand your Android device Storage ? Even if your device doesn't have a MicroSD slot ? The solution is Leef Access, a tiny card reader gadget that fits in your smartphone's micro USB slot and allows you to snap any microSD card in it. This way, you can benefit from additional storage space even if your device doesn't come with a microSD slot on board.


leef access


Leef Access does exactly what you might expect from it it enables you to transfer data between the device and the microSD card, as well as directly playback its contents on the device.


leef access


Leef Access is compatible with all Android devices, which are powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. It also supports almost every microSD card that you might throw at it. The Price of this amazing little gadget is $9.99 only.




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