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Top 3 Free Apps for Meditation and Sleep

31 May, 2022 Gaming

What Is Meditation?


Meditations help you relax and overcome insomnia. Some think that learning it is complicated. In fact it can be as easy as playing poker online, and there are many apps developed for this purpose. Here are apps you don't have to pay for.


What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice with which you can calm down and concentrate. Studies show that meditation reduces anxiety, helps fight stress and confronts depression.


Usually meditations take place as follows: a voice narrator to pleasant music invites you to pay attention to your body (for example, to "scan" it from the inside), to concentrate on your breath, to imagine some image, to think about something - depending on the purpose of the practice. Meditation can last from a few minutes to a few hours.



For beginners, Meditopia has four programs that cover the basics of meditation. Then you can listen to weekly courses on different topics: for reducing stress and anxiety, starting the day, developing relationships, increasing efficiency, and so on.


There are situational meditations - for example, for those on transport, wanting to relax after a day of work or worried about starting Monday - a total of 29 meditations of different durations. Those who have trouble falling asleep can listen to a selection of sleep meditations or 64 bedtime stories.


There are also different audio recordings in the app. In your Meditopia profile, you can keep notes, get badges for regularly listening to meditations, and open beautiful cards with inspiring inscriptions.



The app is divided into two parts. The first - "The Way" - is a step-by-step course with meditations, each of which lasts about half an hour. Here it is not possible to choose the theme of practice or to jump between exercises: every day the user gets a new - and only one - meditation. Progress can be tracked on a personal page. If practiced regularly, a beautiful pattern appears there.


The second part is called Practice. It's like a constructor: the user can create his own meditation. You set the background sound, set the duration from three minutes to one hour, and choose a theme. These meditations can be listened to at any time and are also displayed on the progress page.



The app offers three free courses with 5-15 minute meditations on popular topics: "Meditation Basics," "Good Sleep," and "Depression." The rest of the meditations are solitary, including, for example, "Experiences and Mistakes," "Become Sleepy," and "Oxygen Pause." There are classes for children, too: seven free meditations of 5 to 10 minutes each.


Two types of affirmations are available for users with a free subscription: "Intuition" and "Gratitude." All the time the class is in progress, a pleasant voice says repetitive phrases.


For each of the meditations, you can choose a melody: music or a pleasant sound. There is also an opportunity to create your own meditation, but without a speech accompaniment - choose a sound scene (for example, crackling of a fire or noise of waves) and set a timer.


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