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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS released, Now Available to Download

27 April, 2012 Technology

ubuntu 12.04


Ubuntu the most popular linux-based Operating System, ubuntu pretty eye-candy User Interface is very attractive as NY Times said "Prettier than a Mac, Faster than a PC". Today, Canonical, the company developing ubuntu opera-source software, has just released a New version "ubuntu 12.04" with mny new features like HUD and improved UI and faster booting-up.

Ubuntu 12.04

There is now a new HUD that allows the user to simply type what they want to do and then the OS suggests them applications based on the text they enter. So if you were to type "browse the Internet" the OS would display the browser among the results. The HUD can be evoked with a click of the Alt key on your keyboard.

Ubnutu 12.04

Another new feature is Video Lens, which lets you search for any video you want and depending on your search string presents you with a bunch of videos that could be stored on your computer or found online on any of the video streaming sites such as YouTube.


Download Ubuntu 12.04

Download ubuntu 12.04




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