Ubuntu for phones OS got a performance Update [Video]

10 January, 2013 Android

ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu OS for phones was formally announced just last week, and won't be available on the market until early 2014. Test images that have been promised, to allow developers and various other technophiles to play around with the platform, won't be made available until late in February.


Great work is definitely being done on the platform, and it seems that Ubuntu for phones has already gotten a performance update.


ubuntu Phone OS


The video comes from Mika Meskanen, an Ubuntu interaction designer, showing off two devices one running the original build of Ubuntu for phones and the other running the new update. One of the things that we had all noticed from the early hands-on with Ubuntu for phones was that there was some lag and stutters in the UI when scrolling and such. From the new video, it seems those issues have been smoothed out.




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