Weird iOS 7.1 glitch that Hides Apps icons [Video]

30 March, 2014 Apple

ios 7.1


Did you know that you can hide Pre-installed apps on your iPhone if you have iOS 7.1 ?


Apps like Stocks and Newsstand can be removed until the next reboot, all thanks to a glitch discovered on iOS 7.1. And the best part is that a YouTube video can show you how it is all done. All you need to do is make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 7.1, and follow the following directions.

Take all of the pre-installed apps that you want to get rid of, and open a folder with them inside. You can do this by dragging the icons for these apps on top of each other. Now, make sure that the bottom dock of your iPhone or iPad is completely full. Also, your home screen needs to be full of icons, and the only folder on the page has to be the one you just created of the apps you want removed. You then need to long press on any icon to start wobble mode. Watch the video below for more details.





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