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What Makes Trivia Board Games Perfect for Everyone?

19 November, 2020 Gaming

What Makes Trivia Board Games Perfect for Everyone


Board games are an all-time favorite with most people. Especially trivia board games that tax your brain and bring out the best in you. Did you know the board games market worldwide is worth $3.2 billion and is set to rise to $8.12 billion by 2021, according to Statistica?


Recent Google Trends indicate an upward trend in specific searches for board games. Why are trivia board games so popular? There are many reasons for its growing popularity.


Trivia Board Games are Easy to Find

You no longer have to walk into a store to inquire about a board game and buy it. Today, you have many ways to find out about exciting trivia board games and other tabletop games.


The ubiquitous internet is available in every nook and corner of the world. People can now find niche interests and games and share them with friends located far and wide. You can even find games for the much older crowd with Boom Again, a fun trivia game designed for people over the age of 50.


You no longer have to get people together to play a trivia board game. Technology has gifted so many apps and platforms online where you can play solo or with a group.


You can keep adding as many people you want as you go. It's not like your parents or grandparents haven't played trivia board games. It's a legacy they've passed down. The only difference today is that there are no restrictions on time or place. Today's generation is digital, and word of mouth is spread on social media, making this hobby so very popular with so many people.


Celebrities and Geeks Love Them Too

Celebrities like Vin Diesel and geeks like Wil Wheaton are die-hard board game fans. Wheaton says that he used to love games even as a kid. Answering the trivia questions correctly as a 10-year old made him feel smart and clever. Wheaton used to love challenging games and probably still does. He still remembers playing Candyland and Don't Break the Ice, apart from classics like Code Names.


The Feel Good Factor

Although considered a side effect of playing trivia board games, laughing is a significant benefit that makes you feel good. You have great fun while playing trivia board games, and you unknowingly increase endorphins, which are the chemicals that give you the feel-good feeling.


Did you know that endorphins are structurally similar to morphine and are known to reduce discomfort in you? It is no wonder then why everyone loves trivia board games without knowing the actual reason.


Improving Memory and Cognitive Skills

Another reason why trivia board games are so popular is that they help kids practice essential cognitive skills, especially problem-solving abilities, which will stand them in good stead in later years. Some parents are probably aware of such facts, so they encourage their kids to play trivia board games.


Researchers say that playing board games enhances your personal, social, and economic well-being. A Harvard Medical School study says that loneliness is more harmful than smoking.


Reduces Stress, Lowers BP

Trivia board games not only increase your endorphins, but they also help regulate your blood pressure. Endorphins help the muscles relax and enhance blood circulation. Board games help reduce stress by reducing the risk of cognitive declines related to Alzheimer's and dementia. Board games are the best outlet when you are bored and a great way to sit back and relax. Keeping your mind engaged makes it stronger and keeps away negative thoughts.


A study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience indicates that seasoned players of strategy board games increased the gray matter in the nucleus accumbens and decreased gray matter in the amygdala, specific areas of the brain.


Good for the Kids

Parents probably realize the importance of trivia board games for their kids. Such games play a vital role in a child's health and promote brain development. Kids develop better logic and reasoning skills, and board games also help boost critical thinking and spatial reasoning.


Some specific trivia board games help hone verbal and communication skills and help develop attention skills as well. Kids can concentrate better on given tasks because of unwavering focus.


Therapeutic Effect

Finally, as most trivia board games call for fine motor skills while playing, your coordination skills are enhanced, and you become more dexterous. Constant practice and playing of trivia board games help improve such basic skills and have a therapeutic effect on the elderly while making the kids sharper. Trivia board games are often recommended as a part of occupational therapy treatments and in the classrooms.


Summing it Up

Obviously, trivia board games are fun and are loaded with benefits that you cannot ignore. These great stress busters promote family bonding and are among the proven best ways of beating stress in today's fast-paced world, making them popular with everyone.


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