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Why using an Android is good for sports

26 October, 2021 Android

Why using an Android is good for sports


Over the years, we have watched the great Apple versus Android war with features and capabilities leapfrogging each other with every new model that is released. These days the choice between Apple and Android has become a personal one, with each type of phone offering its own unique set of features that can be useful for any kind of lifestyle. Some of the world's largest sporting stars choose to use Android over Apple when it comes to their devices and here's why.


Live streaming capabilities

Whether you're live streaming your latest practise session or you are a fan wanting to live stream a certain sporting match, the Google Play store offers a variety of apps that will support your needs. The cameras in Android phones these days are top of the range when compared with Apple devices so, for those who want picture clarity in their stream from either the front or the back camera on a phone or tablet, Android is their weapon of choice. The connectivity available in the range of available Android devices pairs with a wide variety of display devices including laptops, televisions, projectors and more. If you are looking to live stream any kind of sport, there is an Android device out there that will be the perfect partner for all of your viewing needs.


A wide variety of apps to use

The great thing about using an Android device is the sheer number of apps that are available to you to cover all of your sporting needs. Want to become part of a fantasy football league? There's an app for that. Looking for the most up to date Oaks Day odds? There's an app for that too. No matter what kind of sport-related information it is that you seek, you can almost be guaranteed that Android offers an app that can give you what you need.


An Android device can provide you with everything from sports news to a live stream so that you never miss a beat with your favorite sport. Participating in sporting games online is made easy with an Android device simply due to the availability of apps that are compatible with your device. It doesn't matter whether you are a die-hard fan or just have a vague interest, the incredible collection of apps for Android devices will be there to help answer any lingering questions.


Ability to track your progress

People participate in sports for a wide range of reasons. Fitness, fun, companionship and competitiveness are but a few of the reasons that people love to play sports. No matter what sport you are interested in or where in the world you are playing, Android devices can help you to keep track of your progress. There are apps that can guide you through the thickest of jungles and ones that can track your mileage to the inch.


One of the great features that Android has over Apple when it comes to tracking your progress in sport is the extended battery life. With an Android device, you don't need to worry about your phone dying in the middle of a workout or dropping the signal of your GPS tracking during a hike. For sporting superstars and dedicated fans alike, an Android device is the best partner you could hope for in the wide world of sports.


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