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Will Smartphones Replace Computers?

4 October, 2021 Technology

Computers - needed tool


Looking at all sorts of statistics, we may conclude that smartphones are replacing computers on a daily basis. Still, it is worth remembering that statistics are only a part of the study, which does not cover the topic in its entirety. So, is it fair to say that there is a replacement for the good old computer on the market?


Computers - needed tool

To answer this question, we need to figure out who are the so-called ordinary users. We can immediately distinguish two types: those who consume information and those who produce it.


When we talk about the fact that people prefer to use a smartphone instead of a computer, we forget about the existence of those for whom the computer is in the field of their creativity. Many people have creative jobs nowadays, whether they are editing photos or videos, composing a code for programs, or making a design for a business product - all this requires a computer to perform. Since we live at a time when working online is common, it became hard to argue about the importance of having a PC at home.


One smartphone to do it all

However, the increasing popularity of smartphones is still based on other properties. We value smartphones for their portability and functionality. They satisfy our needs at the consumer level: checking emails, making posts on social media, finding information, accessing many services and applications. A modern phone is a small cinema, a book, an editor, and sometimes even a workplace. Moreover, the number of people making money using social media is getting higher every year, which increases the value of a good smartphone. If desired, you can use the phone for all purposes. If you want to have some fun, you might use it to play in a safe online casino you can find on sites like The extra tips and a list of safe platforms on the site will help you get the bet experience from playing on your smartphone. But is this true that a smartphone can offer the same functions as a PC to the extent where there will be no need to have them both?


Every big company, brand, product, or website already has its own application for mobile operating systems. There is a demand for this, which means there is also a supply. People feel more comfortable when they can manage their lives from one place, and have all the important information collected in a small device. It is proving to be highly productive and flexible when it comes to organizational purposes: there is no need to walk everywhere with your laptop or with a notebook and a pen when you have a smartphone with a whole range of applications that you can choose from. The fact that more and more articles and videos appear on the Internet with advice on how to stop using the phone all the time, speaks for itself. The phone is always at hand, so it is so easy to be distracted by it. Even working from a computer, we often reach for it to check messages or scroll through the news on any social media. But it speaks only for our habits and not for our actual needs because the "usual" consumer might have a need for the specific functions that a computer can offer. For instance, if a hobby or a profession does require a powerful computer, it is impossible to migrate fully to a smartphone.



By saying that smartphones are the primary computing devices for the majority of people, we don't mean that they are fully replacing desktop computers and laptops. These are entirely different devices, as Computer Hope presents in its comparison of them. There are still essential characteristics of computers such as high-performance, full-featured operating systems, powerful software, and a large amount of disk space, not to mention that most users prefer working with the keyboard and a mouse in comparison to a touchpad. A smartphone is unlikely to be able to replace a desktop computer for us, simply because both gadgets pursue different goals and exist to meet different needs.


There is no threat for computers, as for the next couple of years. However, it is worth remembering that topics considering constantly developing technology, like the issue of laptops and smartphones, are only speculations. Everything might entirely change within a year or two. Smartphones are getting more and more popular, as describes Technologer and, therefore, they will be getting only more advanced. Maybe they will replace the computers we know today, or it will be those PC and laptops that will be changed.


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