Would You Buy the Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM for $1,000+?

12 April, 2017 Samsung

If you have been following the buzz circulating around the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, then you probably already know that Samsung does indeed have a 6GB RAM variant of the larger Galaxy S8+ up its sleeves, just like the rumors had suggested before the news was confirmed by Samsung officially. However, many of us were disappointed when it was revealed that the 6GB RAM variant, which also has 128GB of internal storage, is going to be exclusive to South Korea for now.

Nevertheless, a new report out of Samsung's home nation is saying that this could change. The 6GB/128GB S8+ will likely make its way into at least a few other regions as well, if Samsung feels that enough customers in the area want the device. China is probably the most prominent example of a country which loves their smartphones with more memory and internal storage. Samsung's first and only 6GB RAM phone, the Galaxy C9 Pro was released there first. We will soon find out whether or not Samsung decides to bring it to any European countries or the US. However, the question remains; if it does indeed come to a store near you, would you be willing to shell out more than a thousand dollars for the extra storage and RAM?

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