YouTube is about to get VERY aggressive with ad blockers

29 June, 2023 Web Tech

YouTube is about to get VERY aggressive with ad blockers


Blocking ads on YouTube is something many people do, and it's not hard to see why because these ads are boring and can interrupt a video. But at the same time, ads are what keeps YouTube afloat and gives them the money they need to pay creators, some of whom rely on this money to make a living.


Now, YouTube has tried various ways to deal with ad blockers in the past, but the latest tests suggests that the company has had enough and will be approaching it with a very aggressive style. This is according to a post on Reddit by u/Reddit_n_Me, in which they discovered that YouTube is now displaying messages to users found to be using ad blockers.


The message basically gives users "three strikes". This means that users have three chances to disable their ad blocker or add it to their "allowlist" (meaning that the ad blocker can remain but will give YouTube an exception). If the user fails to do this, the YouTube video player will be blocked until they do so.


Like we said, this is a very aggressive approach and we imagine that it might actually be pretty effective. It doesn't appear to be fully implemented yet as YouTube could simply be testing it out, so it remains to be seen if this is the approach that YouTube will be going for in the near future.


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