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Hi all, I've had the dare for about a month now and I have to say I love it. But not only coz of its fancy features or shiny beautiful design and screen, but mostly coz of its functionality.


My favorite part of the dare, and the part that sets it above any other phone I've seen including iphone, is the ability to add shortcuts right onto the "desktop" or initial screen. I'm a grad student and my schedule is hectic and I use the hell out of the calendar and notepad tools. I put my shopping list and 3 different to-do lists in there. And having them right there at first touch is a godsend, not buried deeply in menus like other phones. Also, the qwerty touch pad makes it much faster to enter text than models that don't have it.


I don't want to carry a PDA in addition to a cell phone, and don't want a big clunky expensive smart phone. The dare is perfect in its usability and aesthetics. Plus it's smaller, lighter, and not as cold/metallic feeling as the iphone.


All the other stuff, MP3 player, camera, video cam, video player, etc are just bonuses. The only thing I really wish for is to be able to write custom apps for it myself, since I'm comp sci, which I think is possible on the iphone? I'm not sure. But it's not a biggy.


Oh and one important thing - make sure you get a plastic screen protector. I got a cheap one from walmart. Saves a lot of worrying about accidentally scratching the screen. I just throw it around the house, in my pocket, etc dont even care.


So what's your favorite aspect of the dare? Smiley


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