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It was a pretty exciting year for the mobile phone industry in 2008. Beginning in early part of 2008 when Apple's 2nd Gen iPhone, the iPhone 3G was released, almost every major manufacturers called up their technicians and asked them to come up with the iPhone killer. Their battle cry was - come up with the equal if not better alternative to the iPhone which is sweeping the mobile phone market. And so aside from the iPhone we've witnessed how the industry went gaga in anticipation of mobile phones such as the Blackberry Bold, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Samsung Omnia, and of course the much awaited Google-powered HTC-manufactured mobile phone - the G1. As our special feature to usher in the new year for the mobile phone market, here's a recap of these top five cell phones that rocked the mobile phone market in 2008.


Any phone manufacture will be happy about selling 5 million units of a new model in just little over a year of time.  That includes LG Viewty.


350,000 units were shipped in the company's homeland, South Korea, while about 4,650,000 units were sold overseas, mostly across Europe and Asia.

In addition, 5 megapixel camera phone pulteochiseukeurineul applies to the first three inches, the camera, capturing the fun 'than' watch the fun, highlighted by 'photo shoots for the most basic' Customer Insights' was reflected in the product.


The black, silver in addition to pink, blue, white and color products to continue to focus on personality shares meet the tastes of consumers said.


Via: LG



LG Electronics Inc. claimed a step forward in the commercialization of the next generation of Internet capable handsets, demonstrating a modem chip with a download speed eight times that of the fastest mobile phones currently on the market.


The South Korean company unveiled the chip, created for a technology standard known as Long-Term Evolution, or LTE, at a research lab in Anyang, just outside Seoul, on Tuesday.


The so-called fourth generation technology, still under development, is vying with the rival WiMax standard to usher in super-fast Web browsing and downloads over mobile phones and other wireless devices.


"Now that LG has developed and tested the first 4G handset modem, a commercially viable LTE handset is on the horizon," Paik Woo-hyun, LG's chief technology officer, told reporters.


LG's claim to be first could not immediately be verified.


The company said that mobile carriers have built test networks and the first mobile phones using the technology will probably be available to consumers in 2010.


LG said it achieved wireless download speeds of 60 megabits per second and upload speeds of 20 Mbps. The fastest phones on the market use a different technology, known as HSDPA, and download at a maximum speed of 7.6 Mbps, according to LG.

The company said that with the technology a 700 megabit movie file can be downloaded in less than one minute at speeds of 100 Mbps.

LTE also allows consumers to stream high definition movies without needing a buffer, which ensures smooth play.


LG said that companies such as Qualcomm Inc., Vodafone Group PLC, Verizon Wireless and Japan's KDDI Corp. are supporting and contributing to the development of the long-term evolution standard.


The rival WiMax, or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, technology is similar to the WiFi signals available at coffee shops and airports but provides wireless data over long distances and is already in use on a limited basis.


WiMax has been backed by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. and Intel Corp., Motorola Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp. and Clearwire Corp. of the United States.



This attractively-priced full touch screen handset is complete with the latest touch technology and features found in the existing high-end full touch screen handsets currently available on the market.



• 3" Full touch screen


The 3.0 inch wide full touch screen is more screen "real estate" to better enjoy watching videos, playing games, and looking at photos. Bigger is better and that also makes it easier to use by physical touch since larger icons are easier to navigate than smaller ones.


• Active flash UI


The user interface is so intuitive that users will want to explore and master all of the functions and features of the LG-KP500. The UI allows users to access menus easily and shift around other menus simply and quickly with just one touch.


• Handwriting & Editingļƒ¼


The easy-to-use smart handwriting recognition function of the LG-KP500 allows users to send text messages without using the touch keyboard. It is possible to write in complicated languages such as Chinese. In the photo mode, users can easily edit their photos with the stylus pen.


• Motion sensor game

Using advanced motion sensor technology, the LG-KP500 adds more fun interactivity to games so users can enjoy mobile entertainment in a more dynamic and exciting way.

The games loaded on the LG-KP500 use a motion sensor that requires the user's eye-hand coordination to balance, flip, shift, and twist the handset to play the games.


• Auto rotating display

The QWERTY onscreen keyboard slides into view when the LG-KP500 is held horizontally, and the auto rotating display always shifts images or documents for proper viewing no matter which way the handset is turned.


• Embedded stylus pen

Since the stylus is embedded in the handset, the user instantly write a memo or edit a photo without having to search around for the stylus pen which often gets lost or misplaced.
The appearance of the phone is not sacrificed with the embedded, artfully "concealed" in the handset.




SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- LG Electronics launches its new 'Secret' phones coming with Ruby Violet and Titan Gold in Korea market.


Featuring timeless and elegant design of the phone enhanced by stylish materials such as carbon fiber and tempered glass, the Secret phone boasts its smart technology including the slimmest 5MP camera with face detection, ISO 800 and video recording at 120 fps.


According to the company, the Dark Silver, Aqua Blue and Ruby Violet models will be available in Europe market and the Titan Gold model in Asia market. Suggested price is around 690,000(KRW).



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