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As posted on SamsungTomorrow.com, an official Global Blog, Samsung went ahead an explain the true reason behind replcing Galaxy S III Pebble Blue Covers.

The blog post goes on to explain the flurry of stress and confusion that swept over the company's various departments. It's easy to see why delaying such a huge swath of product could cause worry, the Galaxy S3's launch was built around the concept of a single device launching in as many markets as possible all at once. Any delay would essentially kill the entire effort.

To give Samsung credit, Samsung is trying hard to keeping its promise to customers. Read rest of the story, please go to the link below.

Samsung Tomorrow


A man who was a candidate for a skull-replacement operation was recently fitted a 3D-printed replica skull that was scanned and patterned for accurate measurement. An astounding 75% of his skull was replaced and the prosthetic has special holes and textures for cells and bone to cling and grow into.

This breakthrough is a very important step for people who need reconstructive bone surgery. The company that made the prosthetics was Oxford Performance Materials and confirms that these 3D-printed prosthetics will also be useful in other body-part replacement operations.

Many people will surely see the benefits of this biotechnological breakthrough. Who would have thought that digital printing may actually be used to advance Medicine and Science? Furthermore, 3D printing is slowly gaining ground in many different industries and sometime soon, the cost of using such kind of technology will already be very affordable. When that time comes, many will already be able to pay for limb replacement or other body part-replacement procedures.

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