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Kind of sad for HTC, seeing it's earning drop quarter after quarter.  Taiwan's largest smartphone maker HTC, posted its lowest quarterly profit on record after the delay of its newest flagship phone caused revenue to miss the company's target.

The net income for HTC in the first quarter was just $2.8 million, a painful 98% drop compared to the year ago quarter. Still, any profit is better than a loss, so it's not all bad. Revenue for Q1 2013 was $1.4 billion, down 37% over the year ago quarter (which saw $470 million in net income).

HTC lost early momentum for its HTC One handset in February as a shortage of camera components forced it to delay shipments in key markets by as much as a month. Hopes for revenue rebound this quarter may be limited as the new device becomes widely available less than a month before Samsung's new Galaxy S4, which goes on sale in the U.S. on April 26.

Recently Facebook announced the Facebook Home device - the HTC First - which targets the social network's 1+ billion people with a Facebook-made launcher called Home.

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Today is Samsung Galaxy S 4's big day and the rumors just keep getting more creative. Photos of another AnTuTu benchmark result for the Galaxy S 4 has surfaced a few hours before the smartphone' launch. If anything, it only made things a lot more confusing, adding ambiguity with regards to the processor/s used on the S 4. Earlier Antutu benchmark photos showed that the S 4 will run purely on Exynos. This new benchmark shows that there are actually two chips on the S 4. Talk about creating a stir.

Also, from previous reports that it will have eight cores, the new AnTuTu benchmark shows that the S 4 will only have a quad-core ARMv7. Even the GPU for this one is different from what was previously reported. Thankfully, it'll just be a few hours left before all these surmising and assuming get confirmed or scrapped. Also, believe the benchmark at your own risk.

source:  omio

Google announced profits of $8.62 a share on revenues of $11.34 billion, after subtracting commissions paid to advertising partners. After excluding one-time charges, the Mountain View company's earnings per share were $10.65 for the October-December quarter. According to a Thomson Reuters analysis, Wall Street analysts were expecting Google to report earnings of $8.48 a share, or $10.52 a share excluding one-time charges, on revenue of $12.36 billion.

Motorola Mobility deal is still in the red. Google started a deal to sell off Motorola Home to the Arris Group a deal that should close in 2013. The deal is for $2.35 billion in cash and stock, which haven't been included in the Q4 report. During the earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page addressed the Nexus shortages saying that the company needs to manage its inventory better and that this is a priority for the company's teams.  

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