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A demo video was released by LG that shows their Optimus G Pro featuring technology that is very, very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Plenty of people are now calling LG a copycat because their Optimus G Pro will apparently feature the same eye-detection capability that plays or stops videos when one looks at or looks away from the screen.

Another feature of the LG Optimus G Pro that the Galaxy S 4 can also do is the ability to simultaneously take pictures on both cameras for a "picture-in-picture" effect. Pause and resume recording, on the other hand, enables taking videos continuously.

LG seems to be proud at offering these features at a more affordable value than if people would buy the Samsung S 4. However, many are quite disappointed that LG did not differentiate much from Samsung's newest technologies to offer.

A few hours to go before Samsung Galaxy S IV's launch, reports are rife that its GPU is the same one used by iPhone 5. It has been confirmed that Samsung will use PowerVR SGX 544, which will provide better performance using only a single core but with different pipelines that can all work together to make processing faster.

This technology is spawned by Imagination, a graphics chip maker that is favored by Apple over ARM-based chips. Imagine having both Apple and Samsung as clients? It can only get better for this tech company, so expect some major improvements on its PowerVR chips, which will probably be used by more clients in the future, considering the two big names have already (sort of) jumped ship.

Source: appleinsider


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