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LG Mobile recently released a teaser announcement that features a white gift box with a pink ribbon that is suggestive of the letter "L", which is a popular range of LG mobile products. While it does not actually mention the actual release of a particular gadget, one will naturally assume that it's going to be a new L-series smartphone. Around the same time last year, these series were introduced in the market at the Mobile World Congress.

The L-series are quite popular with LG patrons and within a year since the first handset of this range was released; already there are 6 handsets under this assortment.

In January, there was quite a buzz about new "tier-one handsets" that will be released for 2013. LG has always been underrated in mobile tech development and people are sure that there is some big announcement coming from them on the next Mobile World Congress.

source: LG Facebook

Samsung's Mobile US Twitter account has posted this picture showing what appears to be a smartphone.  Yes, you have guessed, it's the Galaxy S IV that will be announced this Thursday.

It looks almost exactly the same round design as the leaked photos we saw yesterday.  But what we do miss is the speaker, camera and of course the level sensors. 

The Galaxy S4 is most likely to have the Smart Scroll feature that lets the phone sense a user's eye movements to scroll up and down. This, along with the Smart Pause was reported on the NY Times more or less a week ago, which somehow makes it a bit credible. It will feature an Exynos Octa made by Samsung in place of the previously and widely-rumored Snapdragon chipset. A future upgrade to Snapdragon is also possible. It may also have a plastic (polycarbonate) build, which is being panned by some supporters who are expecting an aluminum exterior. These are only some of the more credible features that the S4 will and may have.

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