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According to AndroidAuthority, Samsung will implement a Gesture Based Non Contact User Interface Display on its Next Flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Samsung has selected Atmel's new maXTouch Series Touch for Samsung Galaxy SIV, which will provide superior performance with less power consumption, with this technology, instead of reaching over to touch screen, you can operate the phone with gesture controls.

In the past Pantech Vega also used recognition technology developed by eyesight mobile technologies. In this phone, the front camera act as sensor for the gestures, But there was major drawback in this phone as this consumes a lot of power.

This technology will be new in the Samsung Galaxy S4, it opens up a lot of possibilities down the road. Since this hasn't been confirmed by Samsung just yet, this is nothing more than a good rumor, but after hearing this, I really looking forward to actually see the device in person.

See below video on Xperia sola with floating touch.




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