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star wars

On Friday, Angry Birds Star Wars was released on the iTunes App store for all iOS devices. In a period of 2.5 hours after being launched, the game was on top of the U.S. iTunes charts. That broke the previous record held by another game in Rovio's Angry Birds line "Bad Piggies."

That game, a look at the Angry Birds storyline from the pigs' point of view, was just released last month and took 3 hours to make it to the top at iTunes.

Download it for Android HERE

Google Play


What's New in Apps ? Here is the Top 10 Android Apps on Google Play for this Month November,2012.



10. Keymonk Keyboard


There’s been a couple of things in the keyboard space lately, just a few days ago we got to see SwiftKey’s new project Flow, a swype type keyboard from the folks that have delivered arguably the best keyboard on Android for some time now. Here, however, in Keymonk we have something a little different even still. This isn’t your typical keyboard but, that isn’t to say that it’s not a good choice or something that you can used to. You never know, after giving Keymonk a try you might have found your new keyboard?




9. NixPic


This is a real unique app in that it shares images with people but, the images show up for only a few seconds and then they disappear. This sounds pretty stupid on the face of things but when you think about it, having to work with only a few seconds can help you be creative with your pictures in a different way, you can send whatever you want for example and have a lot of fun with it. With NixPic you can send some riskier photos or just those down right hilarious moments that can only be shared in a few seconds.




8. EasyFocus

With all the talk of filters and HDR in mobile photography these days it’s perhaps hard to forget that focus is something that can dramatically alter how our your photos look. Being able to focus properly and akin to that of a dSLR on your smartphone gives you a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to framing your shots, what subject matter you can get in and how things will look on the other side. It’s a great app if you’re more interested in taking a good photo as oppose to editing one into a good photo.




7. Fontly

If you’re someone like me, you appreciate typography quite a lot. I’ve never been the typical arty type but I absolutely love the effect a good font can have on something. It’s no longer just in written word either, with publications moving to the web more and more and institutions like ourselves becoming coming place, typography is a key thing of modern design. With Fontly, you can take photos of examples out in the wild, share it with others and discover other examples mapped by others. This is great if you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming project or some form of art for a new move. It’s a great little app and something I’ll be experimenting with for some time to come.




6. News Fragments

A lot of us rely on Google News, sometimes we don’t know that we do as a lot of widgets us it as their main source. If you’re somebody that conciously navigates to Google News daily then this app is going to make you very ‘appy indeed. The app draws from Google News in your area and neatly presents you with up-to-the-minute news as soon as it hits Google News. The app is a simple, holo themed app that doesn’t try to do too much and keeps a wonderfully minimal look that we certainly wish other apps would follow.



5. GoToMyPC

This is one of those apps that might take some getting used to but once you’ve gotten used to the app you’ll wonder how you did without it. Essentially, GoToMyPC on Android is the same as it is on the PC, it handles the same functions and lets you access your PC from anywhere however, with Android now it really is ANYWHERE. The app works on a variety of devices and thankfully, Citrix have had larger screened devices in mind. There’s little more to it than that but, being able to hook into your PC from anywhere in the world is really pretty cool, makes you feel like James Bond almost!




4. Untappd

It’s no great secret that the West is a big drinker and there’s nothing with that at all, quite frankly, without such a social lubricant I think they’d be even more crime. Enough of that though, here’s to beers! We all love to drink but in the last few years it’s become more common to appreciate what form our alochol comes in and not just take it in whatever form and how much we can. There’s nothing better than finding somewhere with a brilliant beer on offer, or maybe, with this new app there is. With Untappd you can share locations of great beer – craft or otherwise – and you can also find new places to enjoy the golden nectar. Have at it folks, and drink safely, yeah?


3. Orbitz Hotels

Finding somewhere to stay can be really stressful, especially when you’re on a budget or completely new to the area. With the arrival of Orbitz on Android though, things should become a lot easier from now on. You can do everything you expect to do on the website and you can take it everywhere you go, making that perfect deal even easier to find! It’s well worth checking out and is a quality app to accompany a quality service!


2. Wacom Bamboo Paper

This is a begrudging choice for me. I absolutely love styli now, this isn’t to say I have a Galaxy Note no, I just have a really fancy, quality Stylus and when I saw that the folks over at Wacom had FINALLY brought their Paper app to Android I was really quite excited but, I was cripplingly disappointed to realise that Wacom took a payoff from Samsung for exclusivity on the Note and S III line of phones. I reached out to Wacom to see what the deal was and apparently they’re “working hard” to get it working on other devices, I’m sure they are. It’s a very good app however and on the Galaxy Note line of phones it’s yet another string to the phone’s bow. It’s performance on the GSIII meanwhile also suggests good performance for regular phones but, realistically, Wacom should have released this on Android outright.




1. Dragon Mobile Assistant

This app hit the scene quite recently and it’s another in a long line of Siri like apps for Android. That isn’t to say that the app isn’t great in its own right because it is, it’s brilliant. Dragon Mobile Assistant takes on more a roll of actually assisting you rather than just another glorified voice search app, it’s tied in to a whole lot of online services and will respond to commands as well, making this a good choice for those looking to use their hands a little less. The app will only run on Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and above but, by now, we hope that isn’t a problem for a lot of you. Go ahead and give the app a try, you might just save yourself some time!



Google Search for iOS

Google has released a New version of the Search app for iOS bringing a Major improved voice search experience that you may have experienced on Android devices running Jelly Bean.


Google search for ios


The new Google Search app for iOS features a prominently placed voice search button below the search bar and one tap on it lets you speak your query to the device. Your words appear on the screen as soon as you speak them and then the app searches for the answer. For questions with short answers you also get a voice response, just like on Android.


Source [iTunes]

Star wars


Angry Birds Star Wars is the fifth game in the Angry Birds series by Rovio and is based on, no prices for guessing, Star Wars. Rovio already released some teaser videos, but this is the first gameplay trailer that shows the actual game itself.

The game will launch next week on November,8th and will be available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and Windows 8.



Angry brids


Some of the Original footage from Star Wars: Episode IV has been used in Rovio's New Angry Birds: Star Wars trailer. And that is a big deal as Lucasfilm (who owns the star wars series copyright) rarely allows content that it owns to be used in such ways. A total of 8 trailers are to be revealed prior to the launch of Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Angry Birds: Star Wars will be launched on November,8th and will be available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Windows 8 devices.



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