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Some of the Original footage from Star Wars: Episode IV has been used in Rovio's New Angry Birds: Star Wars trailer. And that is a big deal as Lucasfilm (who owns the star wars series copyright) rarely allows content that it owns to be used in such ways. A total of 8 trailers are to be revealed prior to the launch of Angry Birds: Star Wars, and a 3-minute animated video featuring the characters in the game will be among them.

Angry Birds: Star Wars will be launched on November,8th and will be available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Windows 8 devices.




NFS Most wanted Android


Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Mobile is probably the most anticipated racing game this fall, and after it first appeared at June's E3 show, EA has now released a full trailer for the game.


NFS: Most Wanted is a game developed by Firemonkeys with stunning graphics and online multiplayer. It also features new touch-steering controls which basically are a virtual steering wheel you hold your finger onto and then rotate left or right to steer. Game Coming to iOS App store sand Google Play Store by End of this month (October).


Source (EA)




Foursquare and OpenTable have been partners since May, but unfortunately, it was only possible to make a reservation through OpenTable if you were


FS Android App

So, now, if you're using either the iOS or Android app, there will be a new option through the Explore page of the apps. If a restaurant that you find is part of the OpenTable network, there will now be an option to make a reservation at that restaurant, which is definitely a nice feature.


Download Foursquare



Netflix released an update for Android smartphones that included the new UI for the green robot. Now, the streaming video app is updating its app for the Apple iPhone 6.




The update allows Netflix to support iOS 6 and also allows videos to fit perfectly in the Apple iPhone 5's wider screen. The Apple iPhone 5 doesn't have a wider screen than its predecessors! Well, it does when you are holding it in landscape mode like you have to when watching a video from Netflix.






The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies game finally broke free from the Xperia PLAY chains and is available in the Play Store to all compatible devices.


BOps Z


The game costs $7, but it is huge, comes with all possible extras and you won't have to pay for anything within the game ever.


Download Black Ops Zombie

Download COD: Black Ops Zombies


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