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Apparently some iOS users have recently stumbled upon a revamped version of Google mobile site. Primarily the changes are cosmetic but in a big way. It appears Google have gone for a more graphical UI, displaying their primary services via an app screen style, 4×3 layout with tabbed window elements to boot.

The icons aim to help specify your search terms with categories such as images, places and news.More categories are accessible from the more tab as well. The other Google Apps include links to YouTube, Buzz, Translate and Maps. As quickly as this update appeared it disappeared, with users now unable to access to remodelled service. Whether this was a test run with the intention of trying things out or a precursor to an official update, iOS users everywhere will know soon enough.


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Google has decided to dip its toe in the water and now the +1 button is available for publishers, bloggers and basically everyone to put on their websites.

The button, as you may remember, was found only on the Google’s search results page, but as it turns out the search giant is taking it one step further. Rather than waiting for you to search a page, figure its useful and then "+1" it, Google lets publishers take the initiative and allow people to recommend their website right on it.


In order to use it, though, you will have to allow it from your Google account settings. You will only see your friends recommendations if you have opted for it, so do not forget to put a check next to it. Google has now put the "+1 button" on Android Market website as well, so give it enough time and we should see if the recommended apps are the most downloaded ones.


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gsmarena 001 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music Beta

The company also announced the highly anticipated Music by Google service. Its going to be in beta for the next couple of months and it will be rolled out initially in the US only. The service is going to be free for the time that it’s in beta, with subscription plans coming later in the year when it gets a final release. So if you are based in the US, check out the Google Music website and get your invitation.


gsmarena 002 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music lets you store your music collection on the cloud and sync it with every device seamlessly via a program called Music Manager. Its available for both PC and the Mac and allows you to rate, comment and add details to your songs. The alterations you make are automatically going to synchronize across all of your devices.

The Music cloud service does not take up any space from your phone or tablet. You can listen to your music collection on the Web as well. And what if you go offline you ask? Google has come up with offline caching and all you need to do is select the songs or artists you want to have available and then the app takes care of the rest.


gsmarena 009 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market


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